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Experience serenity in the urban jungle.

As urban dwellers, we value our personal space and the occasional comforting silence. We hope that at the end of an arduous workday we can relish these rare luxuries in the sanctuary that is our home. It’s a sanctuary because we make it so. We constantly seek to reduce clutter and only add essential decor that makes the space our own, yet doesn’t detract from its enjoyment.

My works’ purpose is to allow you to experience serenity & comfort in the restless urban environment. This intent is present at the core of each piece in the collection.

What you receive is more than just a print. You join a circle of individuals that value superb quality and appreciate peace of mind. Everything from paper choice to mounting and framing has been meticulously planned to highlight the artwork and eliminate distraction. All you need to determine is where you’d like to showcase it.